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Regular Exams and Cleanings
It is generally recommended that you see your dentist every 6 months for routine exam and cleaning. These checkups are important to monitor for dental cavities (decay), gum disease, and also for an oral cancer screening.  At Valley Dental Group, we take an approach that is patient centered. As a result, your cleaning interval may be more or less than 6 months.  Dental x-rays will be taken according to the American Dental Associations recommendations. 

Fillings are used to restore normal form and function to a tooth.  Most commonly fillings are needed due to tooth decay, but they may also be used when a tooth is broken.  At Valley Dental Group, we use both tooth colored fillings, and silver fillings.  The filling type that will be used depends on the location of the tooth being filled, and also the patient’s desires. 

Crowns, or caps, are placed on a broken or fractured tooth to support the tooth.  You may be told you need a crown because there is not enough natural tooth structure to support a filling, or if you have recently broken a tooth, and a filling will not be enough. A crown takes two appointments.  At the first appointment you will have the tooth prepared and an impression taken.  That impression is sent to a local lab and in 2-3 weeks you will return to have your crown cemented. Between the two appointments, you will wear a temporary crown to help protect the tooth below. Crowns can be made from many differently materials.  We use only local labs, so we know exactly what the crown is made of. 

If you're missing one or more teeth, you may notice a difference in chewing and speaking. There are options to help restore your smile.  Bridges help replace your missing teeth and in turn take the stress off of your natural teeth.  Sometimes called a fixed partial denture, a bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, looks great, and literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth may have been. A bridge can be made from multiple different materials depending on the strength and esthetic concerns.  A bridge is usually fabricated in two appointments 2-3 weeks apart. At the first appointment, you will have the teeth prepared and an impression taken.  That impression is sent to a local lab and in 2-3 weeks you will return to have your bridge cemented.  Between the two appointments you will wear a temporary bridge to help fill in the gap and protect the teeth below. 

Implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth without touching the natural teeth surrounding the empty space.  Implants are placed in the jawbone surgically and fuse to the bone over period of time.  When the fusion is complete, a tooth or teeth can be placed on the implants for a long lasting restoration.  Implants can attach to single crowns, partial dentures, or complete dentures. Candidates for dental implants need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. If you are interested in dental implants, we can set up a consultation to determine if implants are the best solution.

Root Canal Treatment
A root canal is a method to eliminate an infection inside the pulp of the tooth. This usually will include 1-3 visits to complete the procedure.  For a root canal, the dentist will remove the tissue inside the tooth called the pulp.  At the first visit, we will clean out the canals of the tooth and place a filling in the root itself.  After the root canal is finished, a permanent filling or crown will be placed on the tooth. 

Dentures can be fabricated in many different ways.  A denture can replace all of your teeth or if you need to replace only a few teeth, a removable partial denture can be fabricated. Dentures can also be made to snap on to implants.  This is a great option that allows the dentures to stay in place more naturally. 

In the unfortunate circumstance that a tooth must be removed, we can accommodate you.  There are many reasons that a tooth may need to be extracted including acute infection, fractured tooth, or to create space needed for orthodontics.  If you desire to be sedated for the extraction we can direct you to a oral surgeon in the area. 

At Valley Dental Group, we offer various options for brightening your smile.  From white strips to in-office bleaching, we can help you achieve the result you desire.  Tooth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten and lighten your smile.  Bleaching has no permanent effects on your natural teeth. Some people may experience sensitivity; the effects can be lessened by strength of the bleach used, and also by the duration that the bleach is left on the teeth. 

If you have spaces and gaps between your teeth that bother you, or your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like them to be, veneers may be the answer.  Veneers are usually thin porcelain coverings on the front of your natural teeth.  Veneers help to give a bright symmetrical and beautiful smile.  Veneers consist of minor cutting of the tooth, an impression is taken, and then the veneers are cemented in 2-3 weeks. 


Grinding Appliances
Do you wake up with headaches, a sore jaw, or sore muscles in your face?  You may be clenching and grinding your teeth.  Mouth guards can be fabricated at Valley Dental Group to help protect your teeth and alleviate soreness you may be experiencing.  If left untreated, you could to irreversible damage to your natural teeth.  A night guard or grinding appliance is a hard acrylic guard that snaps on to your existing teeth, and can will be fabricated in two very easy visits. 
Grinding Appliance


Snoring Appliances
Are you told you snore at night?  There may be an easy solution.  An oral appliance can be fabricated to position your jaw forward and lower the chance of snoring through the night.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a oral snoring appliance contact us.
Silent Nite Anti-Snoring Device


Snap-On Smile
Snap-on Smile is a temporary solution to replace missing teeth or to just cover up discolored or poorly shaped teeth.  Snap-On Smile takes two appointments to fabricate.  At the first appointment, an impression is taken and a natural shade is selected to match the other teeth.  At the second appointment, the device is fit and given to you.  The Snap-On Smile may cover only a few teeth or all of your teeth. 
Snap-On Smile






















































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